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To celebrate Adrian Cole's short but beautiful life, we held a memorial at Lake of the Woods on Hwy 140 in Southern Oregon on June 2, 2002. Its been a family tradition to hold family gatherings, picnics, and camping trips at Lake of the Woods. Our family minister, Harold Carey, was there to conduct a memorial service for Adrian Cole along with our entire extended family and friends.

The card below was created by Jamie Lang, Adrian's paternal grandmother, to honor Adrian's life.

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Click on the thumbnail photos below to view the pictures of the memorial.

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Memorial Pictureboard

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Preparations for Memorial

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Matthew, his grandparents,
and Rev. Harold Carey

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Posing before Memorial

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Adrian's Memorial
at Lake of the Woods

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Photos and Memories

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Rev. Carey

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Family at the Memorial

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Friends and Family

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After the service

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Rev. Carey and Matthew


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